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In today’s edition of “Workplace drama of the average 20-something”

Rome is burning and my fiddle is still packed in my storage locker.


If We Cared About the Environment Like We Care About Sports, my latest jam for Buzzfeed.

True story- I once got a question on an 8th grade history test wrong because it asked “Which conservationist said …” and I thought, ‘well it sounds like John Muir, but he’s a preservationist so it can’t be him’ so I chose a different answer. Of course, I got it wrong. When I pointed out to my teacher that the question itself was wrong, she still refused to give me the points back.

tl;dr Fuck you Ms. McGuff.

I really, reallllly wanted to like Mulaney

I really enjoy John Mulaney’s stand up and was understandably psyched when I heard Mulaney was finally coming to television.

Just watched the pilot. It was one of the worst pieces of television I’ve ever seen.

I understand repurposing some of your standup bits for television, but could the writers at least try to make it sound conversational? The dialogue was painful to listen to and the cast looked like they were reading cue cards the entire time.

Also, there is a difference between character and caricature. I have no reason to root for any of these people. I think it’s extremely telling that the ONE female on the show is characterized as a “psycho”.Why is Motif’s main punchline a sexist joke? Why is Martin Short telling sexist jokes? It’s lazy and insulting to the audience.

It honestly seems like the writing and producing staff sat around saying, “So someone gave us a tv show. How can we get away with doing the LEAST amount of work possible?”

Lazy writing, lazy acting, lazy tropes.


We got a press mention today (yay!) but the article said “The party started [my organization] to identify talented women… blah blah blah” which pisses me off because 1. No they fucking didn’t and 2. No they fucking didn’t and finally 3. NO THEY FUCKING DIDN’T.

Sounds about right

Sounds about right

This is why she is my best friend.

This is why she is my best friend.

Just gave myself a one-armed sponge bath with what I belatedly realized was a pot holder (not a washcloth) so I could avoid getting my armpit diaper wet

It’s been over 24 hours since my last shower and I’m starting to get the shakes. Can NOT wait until I get my gauze/tape mess removed on Thursday.

On the bright side- my surgeon prescribed me Percocet.

I’ve had worse Mondays.

I’ve had worse Mondays.

I’ve officially given up on caring about my job

I kinda would rather get fired so I can legit not feel bad about waiting tables full time and making 3x the money, but I care too much about our mission to let everything fall apart around me.

So I will show up every day and do what I need to to keep us going, but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to overexert myself for these people.

Seacrest out, y’all.

My therapist asked me why I hold myself to a much higher standard than other people

I told her that if I knew the answer, I probably wouldn’t be sitting in her office.